Episode 80 – Building Better Wealth With Caleb Guilliams

ITF 80 | Building Wealth

  If people want success, be it in their profession or the pursuit of financial freedom, they need to live with intentionality. To build better wealth, they need to be ready to face their fears. In this episode, Craig Curelop discusses investing, intentionality, and life insurance with Better Wealth Solutions Founder and CEO Caleb Guilliams. Caleb looks back at his journey, learning from mentors along the way. Full of valuable insight, seekers of financial freedom will need to […]

Episode 59 – Achieving FI Through Savings, Real Estate, And Index Funds With The Legendary JL Collins

ITF 59 | Financial Independence

  Joining Craig and Zeona on the show is JL Collins, one of the founding fathers of the FI movement and the author of “The Simple Path to Wealth”. He is set to release a new book titled “How I Lost Money in Real Estate Before it was Fashionable”. In this episode, JL explains the concept of “F-You money” and the virtuous circle that occurs when people go down the path to FI. He then […]

Episode 50 – Starting A Wholesaling Business And Synergizing Your Life With Paul Thompson

  In 2015, Paul Thompson realized that he needed income-generating assets so he decided to try properties. He got laid off from his job in 2017, but now, he has 50 single-family units and is transforming people’s lives through real estate and business ownership. In this episode, Paul looks back on his foray into real estate, breaks down his very first deal, and shares the steps he took to build his wholesaling business. He includes […]