Episode 61 – Intentional Investing With Former Marine Kevin Quintanilla-Toledo

  Real estate doesn’t have to be flashy. Take it from Kevin Quintanilla-Toledo. He used to be a military guy who just stumbled upon real estate investing. But now, he’s a licensed realtor with a W-2 job and a hefty portfolio! In this episode, Kevin breaks down how he got his first 3 properties, weighs in on the different types of loans that were available to him, and shares what it was like to be […]

Episode 11 – 48 Doors With Different Real Estate Properties In Just 3 Years With Michael Glaspie

  Working full time while investing in properties? You would think that you won’t have time for investing. Well, today’s guest can prove you wrong. Michael Glaspie has always been active in the military while doing real estate investing on the side. In just three years, he was able to replace his entire paycheck with his passive income! He also has a tremendously growing portfolio – owning 48 doors that are single-family homes, duplex, triplex, […]

Episode 9 – How Navy Submariner Michael Duncan Got To Scale His Business In Hawaii

ITF 9 | Cashflow Property

  Today’s guest unexpectedly took the path to real estate. Michael Duncan was living in Hawaii when he moved out then rented it to his buddy – making it his first cashflow property. Realizing the power of real estate, he has bought rentals, a condo in Hawaii, and even his parents’ household – and he’s just getting started! In this episode, listen to Michael as he shares about how he got it down with house […]