Episode 35 – A Lender’s Wisdom And The Journey To FI With Nicole Rueth

ITF 35 | Financial Independence

  It’s never too late to start getting into real estate! Nicole Rueth first learned how to capitalize on real estate as a means to achieve FI when she was 41. Now, she has 24 investment properties under her belt, and she and her team are operating in 22 states—with plans to reach even more by next summer! In this phenomenal episode, Nicole gives us an overview of her diverse portfolio and her goals before […]

Episode 33 – How To Focus On FI With House Hacker & Agent Jordan Smith

  Jordan Smith was working as a consultant when he first discovered BiggerPockets in 2017. He started taking steps to get into real estate investing, but it was only when COVID hit that he really decided to focus on achieving FI—taking inspiration from Craig and Zeona (!). In this week’s episode, Jordan gives an overview of his foray into real estate investing, breaking down the numbers of his first property and the mistakes that he […]