Episode 47 – Advanced Investing Techniques Right Off The Bat With Jonathan Hayek

  Jonathan Hayek worked low-paying W-2 jobs for nearly a decade before getting into real estate investing. He househacked his first live-in flip, saw success, and closed 22 rental doors within 4 years(!) through luck, creativity, and hard work. He quit his teaching job in 2019 and has been doing real estate full-time since then. In this episode, Jonathan dives into the details of his first deal, the strategies he used to finance it, and […]

Episode 10 – How Kendra Levy Found Her Groove In Real Estate Investing And Goes All-Out In Finding Deals

ITF 10 | Long-Distance Investor

  Today’s guest had quite a journey. Kendra Levy was a ballerina and a magician’s assistant when they had a stop in Branson, Missouri for a performance but she can’t find a place to rent. So, she just bought a property. Now, that property became a long-term rental and has been cash flowing ever since! Moving back to Denver, she became a “long-distance” investor where she already invested in Airbnb, long-term rentals, and even house […]