Episode 92 – Shared Spaces For Financial Freedom – The Art Of House Hacking With Ian Jimeno

ITF 92 | House Hacking

  Moving out to live independently can be both an exciting and scary idea. Imagine how you would feel about buying your first home. But it doesn’t have to be daunting because you can leverage the power of house hacking! In this episode, Ian Jimeno shares how he stumbled upon a real estate seminar where he learned about a concept called “house hacking” and how he applied it with his first property: a duplex in […]

Episode 79 – Fueling Financial Independence Through Self-Improvement With Marcus Garrett

ITF 79 Marcus | Self Improvement

  Self-improvement isn’t often something you hear when people talk about financial independence. Make no mistake, reaching your goal means being a better version of you. In this episode, Craig Curelop and Zeona McIntyre talk financial freedom with entrepreneur and author Marcus Garrett. Marcus shares his story of climbing from debt and his path to financial freedom. Learn and start walking your own path towards financial freedom today. If you want to join our affiliate […]

Episode 72 – Getting Off Corporate America’s Rat Race: House Hacking And Financial Freedom With Nieves Soto

  Budding investor Nieves Soto started her house hacking journey towards financial freedom recently. With a deal behind her, what’s next down the road? Craig Curelop and Zeona McIntyre take a look at Nieves and her investment so far. We hear, in her own words, how she found a property and how she secured a deal. Nieves also shares how she got her start in investing and how she went debt free. Get in on […]