Episode 52 – ​​Start Young And Go BRRRR With Cody Caswell

ITF 52 | BRRRR Houses

  Cody Caswell is from a third-generation real estate investing family, and he bought his first property at 16(!) years old. He hated real estate during his college years but found his way back after interning as a commercial insurance broker. Now, he is 24 years old with a residential contractor license and 14 units under his belt. In this episode, Cody walks us through his childhood and the life lessons that he learned from […]

Episode 45 – House Hacking With Section 8 Success With Avery Heilbron

  Avery Heilbron is a data analyst for a life insurance company whose journey to FI began after a serendipitous purchase in a bookstore. He started house hacking in Boston, Massachusetts—which is an expensive market—and saw success. Now, he has a Youtube channel and does coaching on the side. In this episode, Avery shares the action steps he took for his first few properties and the lessons he learned after a negative experience with contractors. […]

Episode 44 – An OG House Hacker In Jersey With Wayne Loux

ITF 44 | Buy-And-Hold

  If you’re in it for the long haul, it’s possible to be financially independent through real estate even without being an aggressive investor! Wayne Loux first discovered FI in high school. But in college, he learned more about buy-and-hold, started crunching the numbers, and got licensed in 2007. He and his college roommate-turned-business partner house hacked their first property (before house hacking was even a thing!), and they have worked on several properties since […]