Episode 99 – Maximizing Profit Through House Hacking With Kenny Smith

ITF 99 | House Hacking

  With plenty of opportunities to earn in real estate, it’s all about finding the right strategy that will work for your financial goals. Joining us today is Kenny Smith, a real estate investor and agent that’s killing the game in house hacking, Airbnb, and short-term rental space. In this episode, he chats with hosts Craig Curelop and Zeona McIntyre about maximizing profits using those strategies with practical tips and lessons based on his own […]

Episode 19 – Success Out The Gate And How He Finally Got Around To House Hacking With Gerardo Hernandez

ITF 19 | House Hacking

  Age does not define success. And it certainly didn’t stop Gerardo Hernandez from getting into the business at the age of 20 (!) with the help of a mentor and very supportive parents. He also proved that not all entrepreneurs started knowledgeable about the strategies and the secrets of the industry before investing. Gerardo is an entrepreneur who started young in the real estate investing business through his mentor. He is independent and started working […]