Episode 111 – Seller Financing: A Creative Tool For A Changing Market With Nathaniel Smith

ITF Nathaniel Smith | Seller Financing

As cliché as it sounds, the only thing that is ever truly constant is change. Bearing this in mind, the only way we can take control of the situation is by preparation. And in a changing market, nothing beats having multiple tools in your tool belt to face the changes head-on. Craig Curelop and Zeona McIntyre invite a very timely guest who can provide us with one of those: creative finance. In this episode, Nathaniel […]

Episode 108 – How To Get Started In Real Estate Investing With Ashley Kehr

ITF Ashley Kehr | Real Estate Investing

Are you looking to get started in real estate investing? You might learn a thing or two from today’s guest. Ashley Kehr is a real estate investor and the host of BiggerPocket’s Real Estate Rookie Podcast. Her real estate journey started when she began looking into ways to build her wealth and gain financial independence. In this episode, she chats with Craig Curelop and Zeona McIntyre about how she found, funded, and closed those first […]

Episode 70 – Note Investing Your Way To Financial Freedom With Martin Saenz

  Finding new ways to achieve your financial independence? Note investing could be the thing for you! Joining Zeona McIntyre is Martin Saenz, Managing Partner of BeQuest Funds and renowned thought leader in the mortgage note investment industry. After trying his hand at real estate and other investments, he claims that note investing was the one that hit the mark for his financial goals. Martin shares his journey from leaving corporate America to his family […]