Episode 34 – Back To Basics For First Time House Hackers With Erin Knabe

  Erin is a tech startup nerd, CrossFit enthusiast, and first-time real estate investor in Denver, Colorado. Erin’s appetite for entrepreneurship led her to join a fast-paced tech startup where she leads customer success and is learning first-hand how to build a business from the ground up. Her first real estate investment has already shown her the power of house hacking and a clear path to financial freedom. She plans to continue building her real […]

Episode 32 – Mom’s House Comes First! Flipping & BRRRRing His Way To FI With Ernesto Hernandez

  After encountering Mr. Money Mustache about a decade ago, Ernesto Hernandez shifted his priorities and investing interests. He left his W2 and through prudent financial management, was able to help his mom buy a house of her own, and is now flipping houses full-time and serving as an investor agent in the Bay Area. In this episode, Ernesto goes in-depth with his BRRRRs and how this strategy taught him about flipping. It hasn’t always […]