Episode 123 – From Bankruptcy to Legacy: Nick Beveridge’s Incredible Real Estate Journey

“The hard times you’ve had are what molds you into a stone that can’t be broken when times get harder later.” In this episode, Craig takes the wheel as his co-host Zeona has recently tied the knot. However, Craig won’t be lonely because he is joined by Nick Beveridge, an experienced real estate agent and investor who survived numerous challenges, including bankruptcy, foreclosure, and divorce, before he finally achieved sweet success. Listen to this episode […]

Episode 71 – House Hacking, The BRRRR Method, And More Ways To Achieve Financial Independence In Real Estate With Colin McAlpine

  Need help with your expenses while getting started on your real estate journey? How does house hacking sound? In this episode, guest Colin McAlpine shares how he got into real estate as a means to achieve financial freedom. After a decade in corporate finance, Colin realized that the income he got from the time and effort he put into his work no longer seemed worth it. Today, he chats with Craig Curelop and Zeona McIntyre on […]