Episode 90 – Wealth-Building Towards Financial Independence With Jordy Clark

ITF 90 Jordy | Financial Independence

  Who says nineteen is too young to think about financial independence? Not our guest today who, at nineteen years old, found his Eureka moment to live a financially independent life. Craig Curelop and Zeona McIntyre sit down with Jordy Clark, the co-founder and Managing Member of Silicon Slopes Capital Partners, LLC. In this episode, Jordy talks about his journey from taking the traditional path to discovering real estate as a path toward achieving freedom. He […]

Episode 82 – From Hotels To Airbnbs: Navigating The Short And Medium-Term Real Estate Model With Jake Cohen

ITF 82 | Medium-Term Real Estate

  Many people found the path to financial independence through real estate. Today’s guest has walked on that path from a young age, learning from his family to eventually taking on his own. In this episode, Craig Curelop and Zeona McIntyre sit down with entrepreneur and Airbnb ambassador Jake Cohen. Jake shares his journey in real estate, getting his start in hotels and falling in love with the Airbnb short-term, medium-term model. He takes us across […]

Episode 78 – How To Break Free From Your Limiting Beliefs With Casey Franchini

ITF 78 CASEY FRANCHINI | Limiting Beliefs

  Are limiting beliefs keeping you from achieving your goals? Craig Curelop and Zeona McIntyre sit in with Casey Franchini, Founder of Brick by Brick Wealth. Casey shares how she watched her dad try one business after another and fail each time. Watching her dad created a negative mindset in Casey, which she had to battle to succeed. Today, she wants to tell you that believing you can do it is crucial. Don’t give up; […]