Episode 83 – Investing: The Path To Financial Independence With James Lowery

ITF 83 James | Financial Independence

  The real estate industry is filled with wonderful opportunities. Join us in this episode as we listen to James Lowery’s path to financial independence. James was working in a physical therapy clinic when he overheard a conversation that intrigued him. That’s when he learned of Mr. Money Mustache’s site, where he was able to read blogs and forums related to saving money. As a result, he changed his life course, selling his possessions, such […]

Episode 23 – The House Hacking Fox Of New Jersey With Shawn McEnteer

ITF 23 | House Hacking

  Commitment and consistency—these are the words that Shawn McEnteer lives by. He stumbled upon BiggerPockets in 2008 and launched into his real estate journey—while learning on the fly! He may have made a few mistakes with his first investment (don’t we all!), but then that’s how we all learn! The experience definitely fueled his desire to do better, and now, he’s a residential real estate specialist based in New Jersey with four properties under his belt […]

Episode 8 – Achieving Successful Investments Through Different Strategies With Naval Officer Marcus Long

ITF 8 | Cross Collateralization

  Today’s guest is Marcus Long, an England-based Naval Officer who stumbled upon real estate investing and now wants to provide financial education as a way to give back. With his financial skills and his love for mathematics, there’s no doubt that he would succeed in real estate investing. From house hacking his first property for $300 to owning 14 properties, Marcus has truly come a long way. Here’s a fun fact: He is also […]