Episode 65 – How To Get The Confidence You Need To Succeed With Bradley LaBrie

ITF 65 | Confidence To Succeed

  How do you get the confidence you need to succeed? By listening to the right people. Craig Curelop and Zeona McIntyre present Bradley LaBrie, the co-host of the House Hacking Success Podcast. In this episode, Bradley shares how he house hacked his way to success in the real estate industry. But his journey was filled with challenges and strange experiences along the way. What made him push through? Podcasts, books, and relationships that gave […]

Episode 20 – Living The Travel Hacker FI Life W’ Real Estate Investing NOW – Not Later! With Sarah Weaver

ITF 20 | Travel Hacker

  People tend to put a premium on travel, treating it as a reward after years of working hard and saving up. But thirty-year-old Sarah Weaver did the opposite—she’s been traveling the world for a decade AND found a way to sustain it through just two rental properties, credit card hacks, and her real estate business – that’s right, from abroad! In today’s inspiring show, Sarah shares her story: growing up in Kansas City, spending […]