Episode 86 – How To Be Financially Independent Faster Through Real Estate With Antoinette Munroe

ITF 86 Antoinette | Financial Independent

  How do you become financially independent through real estate? Craig Curelop and Zeona McIntyre sit with Antoinette Munroe, who developed Budget ABC’s, House Hacking, and Travel Hacking strategies that accelerated her path to financial independence. The first thing you need to do is to invest in yourself. Listen to podcasts and go to your local real estate investors association meetings to research. Then act on what you’ve learned. The best teacher is watching other […]

Episode 24 – The Accidental House Hack To 63 Units In 4 Years With Bo Kim

ITF 24 | Accidental House Hack

  Some things occur by chance but what matters is what you do with an opportunity when it comes. This is what Bo Kim, an accountant, did after he and his wife bought a three-bed, three-bath townhome in 2016. He discovered FIRE after his first real estate investment and then did his research—aligning everything he’s learned with his goal of cash flow—and took action. From knowing nothing about real estate investing just a few years ago […]