Episode 120 – Surviving the Ups and Downs of Real Estate Investing with Cam Cooper

Like most things in life, real estate investing comes with its own challenges and triumphs.   In this episode, Craig and Zeona are joined by Cam Cooper, a former tenant, certified house-hacker, and co-founder of a Real Estate Pro Meetup group in Atlanta.  Although relatively new in the game, Cam has already managed to survive every investor’s nightmare—a terrible tenant and the unexpected costs that come with it!  Filled with key lessons that may smoothen their […]

Episode 98 – Seeking Out Opportunities To Create Financial Freedom With Rich Fettke

ITF 98 Rich | Financial Freedom

  Are you trying to climb the corporate ladder in the hope that you’ll achieve the financial freedom that you want? Is working hard enough? It’s time to unlock your infinite potential. Listen to your hosts, Craig Curelop and Zeona McIntyre, as they talk with Rich Fettke about manifesting what you want, taking action, and creating financial freedom. Rich is a licensed real estate broker, active investor, and co-founder of RealWealth. In this episode, he […]

Episode 92 – Shared Spaces For Financial Freedom – The Art Of House Hacking With Ian Jimeno

ITF 92 | House Hacking

  Moving out to live independently can be both an exciting and scary idea. Imagine how you would feel about buying your first home. But it doesn’t have to be daunting because you can leverage the power of house hacking! In this episode, Ian Jimeno shares how he stumbled upon a real estate seminar where he learned about a concept called “house hacking” and how he applied it with his first property: a duplex in […]