Episode 98 – Seeking Out Opportunities To Create Financial Freedom With Rich Fettke

ITF 98 Rich | Financial Freedom

  Are you trying to climb the corporate ladder in the hope that you’ll achieve the financial freedom that you want? Is working hard enough? It’s time to unlock your infinite potential. Listen to your hosts, Craig Curelop and Zeona McIntyre, as they talk with Rich Fettke about manifesting what you want, taking action, and creating financial freedom. Rich is a licensed real estate broker, active investor, and co-founder of RealWealth. In this episode, he […]

Episode 92 – Shared Spaces For Financial Freedom – The Art Of House Hacking With Ian Jimeno

ITF 92 | House Hacking

  Moving out to live independently can be both an exciting and scary idea. Imagine how you would feel about buying your first home. But it doesn’t have to be daunting because you can leverage the power of house hacking! In this episode, Ian Jimeno shares how he stumbled upon a real estate seminar where he learned about a concept called “house hacking” and how he applied it with his first property: a duplex in […]

Episode 75 – The Path To Financial Independence With Scott Trench

ITF 75 Scott Trench | Financial Independence

  Everyone wants to achieve financial independence. The question is how to achieve it. Join Craig Curelop and Zeona McIntyre as they interview Scott Trench, the CEO and President of BiggerPockets, on how to reach this goal. Scott reminisces his path to financial freedom and the steps he took to start realizing that dream. So tune in and learn great financial insights on your path to freedom — Watch the episode here   Listen to […]