Episode 113 – Finding Financial Freedom Across Different Avenues Of Real Estate With Dominique Gunderson

Many people in the industry start their real estate investing journey later in life. However, this episode’s guest got her start in high school. Getting hooked from helping her mother’s real estate career, Dominique Gunderson had an early start in the industry. Now, she is a real estate investor and owner of Gunderson Homes. She joins Craig Curelop and Zeona McIntyre to share with us how she found financial freedom through real estate. She talks about working for […]

Episode 5 – Getting Started On House Hacking With Zac Collins

  As we all know, real estate can be very profitable but it doesn’t mean that the process is necessarily easy. Today’s guest also faced difficulties but he successfully pulled off his first house hack and now owns 3 properties. Zac Collins is a software engineer who is also a real estate agent and investor. He stumbled upon the idea of real estate investing and thought to give it a try. Now, he has his […]