Episode 34 – Back To Basics For First Time House Hackers With Erin Knabe

  Erin is a tech startup nerd, CrossFit enthusiast, and first-time real estate investor in Denver, Colorado. Erin’s appetite for entrepreneurship led her to join a fast-paced tech startup where she leads customer success and is learning first-hand how to build a business from the ground up. Her first real estate investment has already shown her the power of house hacking and a clear path to financial freedom. She plans to continue building her real […]

Episode 27 – How New FI Team Agent Ben Rhodin Got Started With Real Estate Investing

  Today on the show, we welcome hustler, inspirational investor, and member of the FI Team, Ben Rhodin! He lost his W2 job because of COVID, but instead of taking it easy, he used his free time to get into real estate investing. He managed his parents’ rentals, learned about financing, closed his first property, renovated it, and got his license—all in 2020(!). From film school graduate to real estate agent, Ben is an example […]