Episode 64 – Earning A Passive Income Through Alternative Investing With Dan Kryzanowski

ITF 64 | Alternative Investing

  A good way to achieve passive income is to get into alternative investing. Maybe you know someone who’s interested in private equity. Or maybe you want to get into self-storage or some other form of real estate. There is a lot of ways to raise capital, you just need to form your network and build trust with them. Join your hosts Craig Curelop and Zeona McIntyre as they sit down with Dan Kryzanowski. Dan […]

Episode 47 – Advanced Investing Techniques Right Off The Bat With Jonathan Hayek

  Jonathan Hayek worked low-paying W-2 jobs for nearly a decade before getting into real estate investing. He househacked his first live-in flip, saw success, and closed 22 rental doors within 4 years(!) through luck, creativity, and hard work. He quit his teaching job in 2019 and has been doing real estate full-time since then. In this episode, Jonathan dives into the details of his first deal, the strategies he used to finance it, and […]