Episode 101 – Why Taking Action Is Key To Making It In Real Estate With Ashley Wolkomir

ITF Ashley Wolkomir | Taking Actions

There are different tips and strategies for entering any new business venture. But the most vital step to making it in any industry is first taking action. Ashley Wolkomir is a self-employed real estate investor and realtor. From buying a hotdog stall to being a live-in landlord and now looking into buying her own properties, taking action has always been the key to Ashley’s entrepreneurial endeavors. Action is also what will drive her success. In […]

Episode 83 – Investing: The Path To Financial Independence With James Lowery

ITF 83 James | Financial Independence

  The real estate industry is filled with wonderful opportunities. Join us in this episode as we listen to James Lowery’s path to financial independence. James was working in a physical therapy clinic when he overheard a conversation that intrigued him. That’s when he learned of Mr. Money Mustache’s site, where he was able to read blogs and forums related to saving money. As a result, he changed his life course, selling his possessions, such […]

Episode 71 – House Hacking, The BRRRR Method, And More Ways To Achieve Financial Independence In Real Estate With Colin McAlpine

  Need help with your expenses while getting started on your real estate journey? How does house hacking sound? In this episode, guest Colin McAlpine shares how he got into real estate as a means to achieve financial freedom. After a decade in corporate finance, Colin realized that the income he got from the time and effort he put into his work no longer seemed worth it. Today, he chats with Craig Curelop and Zeona McIntyre on […]