Episode 112 – Becoming An Expert On Short-Term Rentals At 20 With Bailey Kramer

ITF Bailey Kramer | Short Term Rentals

Many who pursue a real estate career want to get out of the limiting corporate space and write their own success stories. This mindset pushed Bailey Kramer to invest in this space even before graduating college. Now, he manages short-term rentals across four states. He joins Craig Curelop and Zeona McIntyre to share how he started in multi-family, tried fix and flip, and did long-term rentals before becoming an Airbnb host. Bailey talks about how […]

Episode 4 – How Jordan Moorhead Achieved Financial Freedom From Being In The Fitness Industry To Becoming A Real Estate Investor

ITF 4 | Rental Properties

  At a young age, Jordan Moorhead already had a mindset of having financial independence and not sticking to a 9-5 job. He left college when he started his own fitness business and earned income. After working in the fitness industry, he took the risk of becoming a real estate agent in Minneapolis and Austin where he continuously bought more rental properties and earned more passive income. Now, he is the owner of The Moorhead […]