Episode 117 – The Importance of Drive, Hard Work and Connections, Even at a Young Age With Ashley Wilson

What is a more inspiring success story than a success that sprouted from humble beginnings? At such a young age, our guest’s mind was enlightened on the essence of financial independence—learning from her environment in the academe and observing her family’s financial dynamics. In this week’s episode, Craig and Zeona get to meet such an empowered woman of her own name. Ashley Wilson is one “badass” in the commercial real estate field, owning over 700 […]

Episode 107 – 30-Day Stay: A Real Estate Investor’s Guide To Mastering The Medium-Term Rental With Sarah Weaver

ITF Sarah Weaver I Medium Term Rental

Want to know how today’s guest doubled her cash flow by switching from long-term to medium-term rentals? Sarah Weaver is a coach, speaker, real estate investor, and entrepreneur. She joins Zeona McIntyre for a deep dive into their book, 30-Day Stay: A Real Estate Investor’s Guide to Mastering the Medium-Term Rental. Sarah has found success investing and managing medium-term rentals, but that wasn’t always the case. In this episode, she shares her journey, her mindset […]

Episode 73 – Secret To Success? Give Before You Receive With Taylor Doolittle

  How do you achieve massive success? Give before you receive. Craig Curelop and Zeona McIntyre welcome Taylor Doolittle, a passionate realtor in the greater areas of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Together with Team Steady, Taylor has been able to sell 678 properties. The essential piece is to bring value to your potential clients for free. When you help walk them through the purchasing process, they will buy properties from you. Creating educational content is […]