Episode 73 – Secret To Success? Give Before You Receive With Taylor Doolittle

  How do you achieve massive success? Give before you receive. Craig Curelop and Zeona McIntyre welcome Taylor Doolittle, a passionate realtor in the greater areas of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Together with Team Steady, Taylor has been able to sell 678 properties. The essential piece is to bring value to your potential clients for free. When you help walk them through the purchasing process, they will buy properties from you. Creating educational content is […]

Episode 25 – Real Estate Investing With The FI Queen Rachel Richards AKA @MoneyHoney

ITF 25 | Real Estate Investing

  We are super stoked this week to be joined by the one and only @MoneyHoney FI Queen Rachel Richards! Retired at 27, she is known for helping a growing number of fans get their Financial $hit Together, and real estate investing was a key strategy! Investing in real estate can seem daunting, but 24-year-old Rachel Richards decided to accept the risks when she bought her first property. Two+ years and some 40 units later, she […]

Episode 24 – The Accidental House Hack To 63 Units In 4 Years With Bo Kim

ITF 24 | Accidental House Hack

  Some things occur by chance but what matters is what you do with an opportunity when it comes. This is what Bo Kim, an accountant, did after he and his wife bought a three-bed, three-bath townhome in 2016. He discovered FIRE after his first real estate investment and then did his research—aligning everything he’s learned with his goal of cash flow—and took action. From knowing nothing about real estate investing just a few years ago […]