Episode 125 – Frame Shifting for Success With Jason Drees

When first getting into real estate, you’re bound to face rejections, failures, and all kinds of speed bumps in the road. However, setbacks shouldn’t discourage you from pursuing your goals. With a simple perspective change, you’ll find that success is much easier than you thought. Join us as Craig interviews Jason Dreer, a renowned life coach and author of Do The Impossible: Unlock Your Full Potential. As the founder of Jason Drees Coaching, Jason has […]

Episode 79 – Fueling Financial Independence Through Self-Improvement With Marcus Garrett

ITF 79 Marcus | Self Improvement

  Self-improvement isn’t often something you hear when people talk about financial independence. Make no mistake, reaching your goal means being a better version of you. In this episode, Craig Curelop and Zeona McIntyre talk financial freedom with entrepreneur and author Marcus Garrett. Marcus shares his story of climbing from debt and his path to financial freedom. Learn and start walking your own path towards financial freedom today. If you want to join our affiliate […]

Episode 26 – From New-To-The-Concept To Buying His First House Hack In ONE Week! With David Bandler

ITF 26 | House Hack

  Thirty-year-old David Bandler discovered house hacking less than a year ago (in the middle of the pandemic!), and just one week later, he put in an offer for his first property! His story is a true testament to the power of going for it and how important it is to have the right mindset and the right allies in place to embrace this path to FI. In this week’s episode, he’ll talk about his process for […]