Episode 118 – De-FI-ing Gravity: How Family Partnerships Can Get You Off The Ground

Do you see yourself working on the same corporate routine ten years from now? How about in the next forty? In this episode, we get to meet a former software engineer who had to pack his things and let go of everything to strive for his dream of financial freedom. Craig and Zeona are joined by such a passionate realtor who once found himself intimidated by the real estate industry. Antonio Cucciniello went to establish […]

Episode 116 – A Look Back on the Highs & Lows of 2022 with Craig and Zeona

It’s the time of the year to wrap things up for 2022! Throughout the whole year, we are graced with such amazing personalities each week on the show. However, in this episode, the show gets its unique spin as our hosts take over! On triumphs and setbacks, they are covering every key takeaway of their year-round adventure. In this year-end special of Invest2FI, we get to put our real estate portfolios to rest to sit […]

Episode 84 – How Investing In Airbnb Can Increase Your Cashflow With Zeona McIntyre And Craig Curelop

ITF 84 | Investing In Airbnb

Do you need to pump up your cashflow? Investing in Airbnb is a great idea. Hosts Zeona McIntyre and Craig Curelop talk about investment strategies, FAQ questions, and market changes. Zeona shares how Airbnb was supposed to be at an all-time high last year. But great rates are coming through this year. House hacking by renting out your house on Airbnb can open up a passive income stream to bolster financial independence. Tune in to […]