Episode 114 – Cultivating A Money Mindset Away From Negativity With Dave Mason

If your money mindset is always focused on negativity, you cannot eliminate those blocks that hinder you from achieving financial freedom. Dave Mason chose to focus on the positive side of making money, which unlocked many thriving opportunities in his career. In this episode, he talks about running a thriving real estate business in the United States while living in Israel. Dave delves into his private equity deals, the levers he had to change in […]

Episode 59 – Achieving FI Through Savings, Real Estate, And Index Funds With The Legendary JL Collins

ITF 59 | Financial Independence

  Joining Craig and Zeona on the show is JL Collins, one of the founding fathers of the FI movement and the author of “The Simple Path to Wealth”. He is set to release a new book titled “How I Lost Money in Real Estate Before it was Fashionable”. In this episode, JL explains the concept of “F-You money” and the virtuous circle that occurs when people go down the path to FI. He then […]

Episode 56 – Life Hacks From The House Hacking Doctor Jonathan Tom

  Jonathan Tom learned about FI at an early age and started out by investing in index funds. It took him some time to see real estate investing as an option, but once he did, he bought his first property (just last April!) and house hacked it. In this episode, Jonathan walks us through his journey as a medical student-turned-doctor and part-time investor. He breaks down how he acquired a house and rehabbed it into […]