Episode 57 – House Hacking Strategies With FI Team Agent Bryan Balducki

ITF 57 | House Hacking

  House hacking is something you can do over and over again, and it’s going to build wealth. Take it from Bryan Balducki. He became a rental property investor by accident, but now, he is one of The FI Team’s agents. In this episode, Bryan talks about his very first investment property and how he got into rentals. While giving a breakdown of his 4 properties, he gets into a discussion with Craig and Zeona […]

Episode 41 – Riding The Roller Coaster And Mastering The Long Game With Dave Panozzo

ITF 41 | Mastering The Long Game

When mastering the long game, and the waves get rough, what matters is how you surf. Former car salesman Dave Panozzo and his wife, Kim, got bitten by the real estate bug in the late ‘90s. They started doing flips and rentals, but then the financial crisis of 2008 hit. He started a construction company, they managed to recoup their losses and saw great success. Now, Dave is a full-time CEO of The Panozzo Team Real […]