Episode 42 – First House Hack With Commercial RE Guy Matt Nora

ITF 42 | First House Hack

  Matthew Nora is all about taking action. After working in accounting for 2 years and realizing that it didn’t make him happy, he moved out to Denver. Determined to make it as a broker, he slept on a mattress in an unfinished basement for about a year. After getting his first property, he immediately househacked it—during the pandemic. Matt looks back on how he got into real estate and met Craig. He breaks down the […]

Episode 26 – From New-To-The-Concept To Buying His First House Hack In ONE Week! With David Bandler

ITF 26 | House Hack

  Thirty-year-old David Bandler discovered house hacking less than a year ago (in the middle of the pandemic!), and just one week later, he put in an offer for his first property! His story is a true testament to the power of going for it and how important it is to have the right mindset and the right allies in place to embrace this path to FI. In this week’s episode, he’ll talk about his process for […]

Episode 24 – The Accidental House Hack To 63 Units In 4 Years With Bo Kim

ITF 24 | Accidental House Hack

  Some things occur by chance but what matters is what you do with an opportunity when it comes. This is what Bo Kim, an accountant, did after he and his wife bought a three-bed, three-bath townhome in 2016. He discovered FIRE after his first real estate investment and then did his research—aligning everything he’s learned with his goal of cash flow—and took action. From knowing nothing about real estate investing just a few years ago […]