Episode 126 – Achieving Financial Freedom with Meghan Hunter

Many of us dream of working from the comforts of a faraway beach and traveling the world, all the while earning through passive income streams. In this episode, Meghan Hunter shares her ten-year journey of working towards her dream life. This week, Craig and Zeona are ecstatic to welcome Meghan Hunter, a travel and finance expert who has made it her mission to educate people on how to live a “work optional” life. As she […]

Episode 116 – A Look Back on the Highs & Lows of 2022 with Craig and Zeona

It’s the time of the year to wrap things up for 2022! Throughout the whole year, we are graced with such amazing personalities each week on the show. However, in this episode, the show gets its unique spin as our hosts take over! On triumphs and setbacks, they are covering every key takeaway of their year-round adventure. In this year-end special of Invest2FI, we get to put our real estate portfolios to rest to sit […]

Episode 115 – Out of the Box Ways to Grow Your Mid-Term Rental Business with Jesse Vasquez

It is likely to be known that one of the essences of building a business is problem-solving!  Started in 2015, a man with extensive sales experience in the healthcare sector turned the accommodation needs of travel nurses and other clinicians into a profitable opportunity. Providing reasonable and comfortable accommodation, he learned and studied to do things differently in his real estate game. Our very own “The FI Guy” Craig Curelop, and “Z-Money” Zeona McIntyre, are […]