Episode 68 – Young Money: Being Financially Independent At 22 With Chandler Saine

ITF 68 | Financial Independence

  Does experience always equate to success? Craig Curelop and Zeona McIntyre welcomes young entrepreneur, Chandler Saine, to talk about how he managed to be financially independent at 22. Chandler shares how seeing his dad venture into business and have more time for their family drove him to follow the same footsteps. Craig, Zeona, and Chandler also discuss the values they consider critical for a person to thrive in the business sector. Listen in as […]

Episode 55 – Hustling And Crushing It With Noah Evans & Jeff Fawson

  Noah Evans and Jeff Fawson both had rocky starts, but they hustled and found real estate in their desire to level up their lives. Now, they work together as the owners of Tree City Home Buyers and the hosts of the Chasing Freedom podcast. In this episode, Jeff and Noah talk with hosts, Craig Curelop and Zeona McIntyre, to look back on their “for real” deals and how they ended up becoming business partners. They drop plenty […]

Episode 43 – OG House Hacker Diversifies With Syndication With Travis Watts

ITF 43 | House Hack

  Travis Watts was in love with the concept of passive income and knew there were great opportunities in real estate so, when the market crashed, he just went for it. Starting with a househack, he tried a variety of different strategies. But in 2016, he decided to transition to real estate syndication, and he has been investing and earning passively ever since. In this episode, Travis shares his easy—but not simple—formula for the success that […]