Episode 85 – Finding The True Meaning Of Financial Independence With Jordan Grumet

ITF 85 | Financial Independence

Working in healthcare as a doctor will provide you with a high-income stream. But it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. The profession involves stress, burnout, and physical fatigue because of the long hours and weight of responsibility. This urged our guest, Jordan Grumet, to find investments that can enable him to retire as a physician and have the financial independence he is yearning for. He is now a blogger, podcaster, and writer pursuing his passion […]

Episode 31 – Swimming, Brewing & Rapping His Way To FI With Matt Giovanisci

ITF 31 | Financial Independence

  Today on the show, Craig and Zeona are joined by Matt Giovanisci—CEO of Swim University and Brew Cabin, website designer and developer, AND music producer! He used to be terrible with money but with a little help from his mom (!) and reading the usual suspects, he has achieved FI through pure creativity and good old fashioned hustle. Real estate investing is only a fraction of what this guy is up to! Matt talks about […]