Episode 94 – Creating Your Best, Financially Independent Life With Brian Luebben

ITF 94 | Financial Freedom

  We have all dreamed of achieving financial independence. And we have kind of accepted that it may come to us later in life. However, our guest today shows that it is not impossible to become financially free early! Craig Curelop sits down with real estate investor, podcaster, and entrepreneur, Brian Luebben. In this episode, Brian discusses his journey to financial independence and how he quit his corporate job and created the life of his dreams […]

Episode 92 – Shared Spaces For Financial Freedom – The Art Of House Hacking With Ian Jimeno

ITF 92 | House Hacking

  Moving out to live independently can be both an exciting and scary idea. Imagine how you would feel about buying your first home. But it doesn’t have to be daunting because you can leverage the power of house hacking! In this episode, Ian Jimeno shares how he stumbled upon a real estate seminar where he learned about a concept called “house hacking” and how he applied it with his first property: a duplex in […]

Episode 85 – Finding The True Meaning Of Financial Independence With Jordan Grumet

ITF 85 | Financial Independence

Working in healthcare as a doctor will provide you with a high-income stream. But it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. The profession involves stress, burnout, and physical fatigue because of the long hours and weight of responsibility. This urged our guest, Jordan Grumet, to find investments that can enable him to retire as a physician and have the financial independence he is yearning for. He is now a blogger, podcaster, and writer pursuing his passion […]