Episode 62 – Become A Sheeksfreak And Achieve Early FI With Dan Sheeks

ITF 62 | Early Financial Freedom

  Early FI and what it takes to get there is not for everybody… and that’s fine! It has been a year since Dan Sheeks started SheeksFreaks, an online community dedicated to helping young people live their best lives by making smart money decisions. In this episode, he returns to the podcast to talk about early FIRE and how even teenagers can become millionaires—in just a few years! He also gives a preview of his […]

Episode 59 – Achieving FI Through Savings, Real Estate, And Index Funds With The Legendary JL Collins

ITF 59 | Financial Independence

  Joining Craig and Zeona on the show is JL Collins, one of the founding fathers of the FI movement and the author of “The Simple Path to Wealth”. He is set to release a new book titled “How I Lost Money in Real Estate Before it was Fashionable”. In this episode, JL explains the concept of “F-You money” and the virtuous circle that occurs when people go down the path to FI. He then […]