Episode 87 – Tapping Into Your Home Equity Without Borrowing Money With Matthew Sullivan

ITF 87 | Home Equity

  Are you having problems with your home equity? In this episode, Matthew Sullivan shares details on what their company, QuantmRE, is doing to help people in this space. Before settling in the real estate industry, Matthew had the opportunity to experience working in several industries. Now with QuantmRE, his team is solving a major problem for homeowners who want to access the equity in their homes without taking on more debt using their equity […]

Episode 53 – E-commerce Your Way To FI With Connor Gross

ITF 53 | eCommerce Financial Independence

  Today, we’re taking a slightly different route to FI, and lighting the way is serial entrepreneur Connor Gross. Instead of flipping houses, he flips online businesses! He co-founded the Cardly wallet when he was a college freshman. Now, he works full-time on what used to be just side hustles, and he is the co-host of The Next Generation Podcast. In this episode, Connor weighs in on the two paths of e-commerce: reselling products and […]

Episode 28 – A Nomad’s Unusual Road To FI With Location Indie Founder Jason Moore

  Jason Moore had a $20,000 student debt and a dream to see the world, so he worked as a “glorified carny” and traveled all over the US and overseas—for over a decade! He eventually bought his first property and turned it into a rental for passive income. Now, he’s based in Norway with his wife and kids, helping others achieve that same location independent lifestyle he’s created. Whether you live on the road or […]