Episode 77 – FIRE Movement: The Path To Financial Independence With Eric Brotman

ITF 77 | Financial Independence

  Financial Independence is not an easy feat to conquer because money is always accompanied by shame. When you don’t have enough, you are ridiculed; when you manage to get by, you are embarrassed by people who think you make more than you do. Financial advisor Eric Brotman joins us in this episode to demystify the shame around money. He sits with Zeona McIntyre to talk about his journey to financial freedom and what went wrong along […]

Episode 74 – Breaking Debt Chains: Money Fear And Financial Independence With Ron Schneider

  Those rags to riches stories can sometimes sound too good to be true. Can people go massively bankrupt to incredibly debt-free in one lifetime? Ron Schneider is living proof that you can achieve financial independence. He has gone from $60K in debt in 2006 to a net worth north of $2 million in the past 15 years. Ron joins Zeona McIntyre to talk about the things from his childhood that hindered him from paying off his […]