Episode 96 – From Pharmacy To Real Estate: An Investor’s Journey To Financial Independence With Dylan Koch

ITF 96 Dylan | Financial Independence

  House hacking can be a great way to get into real estate and start your way to financial freedom. It is the strategy of living in a property you own while renting out part of it to other tenants. Dylan Koch, a pharmacy graduate, always knows that financial prudence is important. After spending hundreds of hours learning about personal finance and investing, Dylan decided that real estate would be his preferred method towards financial […]

Episode 17 – House Hacking Their Way Out Of $100k Of Debt With Low Paying Jobs With Josh And Ali Lupo

ITF 17 | Low Paying Jobs

  If there’s a FI Team that helps investors with real estate investing, there’s also a FI Couple that is on the journey to achieve financial freedom! Introducing Joshua and Ali Lupo: a young power couple house hacked their way out of $100k of debt! Joshua and Ali Lupo were getting married when they realized that they were $100k in debt from student loans. They knew they needed something different when they realized that their […]