Episode 63 – Get Your Finances Straight With Zero Debt Coach Brad Long

ITF 63 | Zero Debt

  Determined to rid himself of $174,000 in mortgage and consumer debt, Brad Long switched back and forth between being a musician and having a corporate sales job. Now, he remains debt free, and he helps 6 and 7-figure corporate employees and entrepreneurs organize their finances and eradicate debt. In this episode, Brad looks back on his “financial awakening” and how he paid off nearly $50k of his debt in 2.5 years. He shares his […]

Episode 62 – Become A Sheeksfreak And Achieve Early FI With Dan Sheeks

ITF 62 | Early Financial Freedom

  Early FI and what it takes to get there is not for everybody… and that’s fine! It has been a year since Dan Sheeks started SheeksFreaks, an online community dedicated to helping young people live their best lives by making smart money decisions. In this episode, he returns to the podcast to talk about early FIRE and how even teenagers can become millionaires—in just a few years! He also gives a preview of his […]