Episode 119 – The Value of Building Relationships in Real Estate With Henry Washington

Despite his six-figure salary and a sophisticated corporate job, this episode’s guest lived from paycheck to paycheck. Like many people, he did not understand what it truly meant to be financially free — until he got married and needed to provide for his family.    Craig and Zeona are joined by Henry Washington, a former software developer turned real estate investor with hundreds of transactions and eighty buy-and hold-properties under his belt. Henry made the leap […]

Episode 89 – Advantages Of Rent By The Room With Johnny Wolff

ITF 89 | Rent By The Room

  The average rent by the room is 50% higher than the traditional house model. Craig Curelop and Zeona McIntyre discuss this with Johnny Wolff, the founder of HomeRoom Coliving. Johnny talks about how rent by the room is also more affordable overall, especially for the younger people who don’t have credit yet, or just started to. With HomeRoom, it’s also possible for investors to invest remotely. Join in the conversation to learn more!   […]

Episode 84 – How Investing In Airbnb Can Increase Your Cashflow With Zeona McIntyre And Craig Curelop

ITF 84 | Investing In Airbnb

Do you need to pump up your cashflow? Investing in Airbnb is a great idea. Hosts Zeona McIntyre and Craig Curelop talk about investment strategies, FAQ questions, and market changes. Zeona shares how Airbnb was supposed to be at an all-time high last year. But great rates are coming through this year. House hacking by renting out your house on Airbnb can open up a passive income stream to bolster financial independence. Tune in to […]