Episode 91 – Spend Less And Invest More For Financial Independence With Amberly Grant

ITF 91 | Financial Independence

  Are you interested in saving money to start investing in the real estate industry? In this episode, Amberly Grant shares her story of achieving financial independence. It was not an easy task, and she wasn’t earning a lot of money, so she had to spend less, which quite frankly was good for her since she believes she is naturally frugal. She emphasizes the importance of attending different meetups and building relationships with people who […]

Episode 83 – Investing: The Path To Financial Independence With James Lowery

ITF 83 James | Financial Independence

  The real estate industry is filled with wonderful opportunities. Join us in this episode as we listen to James Lowery’s path to financial independence. James was working in a physical therapy clinic when he overheard a conversation that intrigued him. That’s when he learned of Mr. Money Mustache’s site, where he was able to read blogs and forums related to saving money. As a result, he changed his life course, selling his possessions, such […]