Podcast Episodes

  • Anything is possible as long as you take action. Jabbar Adesada was always the different kid in school, and he decided that he was going to fit in when he was rich. Now, he’s a full-time military and got $10,000 of passive income while only being 20 years old! He’s done short-term rentals and house-hacking and even has a deal in the Great Smoky Mountains. Join Craig Curelop and Zeona McIntyre as they talk to Jabbar
  • There are different tips and strategies for entering any new business venture. But the most vital step to making it in any industry is first taking action. Ashley Wolkomir is a self-employed real estate investor and realtor. From buying a hotdog stall to being a live-in landlord and now looking into buying her own properties, taking action has always been the key to Ashley’s entrepreneurial endeavors. Action is also what will drive her success. In
  • ITF 100 Josh | BiggerPockets
      For this very special 100th podcast episode, Craig Curelop and Zeona McIntyre are joined by no other than Josh Dorkin. He reflects on his colorful journey of discovering real estate and the amazing story of founding BiggerPockets. Josh shares how a simple collective of real estate resources grew into a vast community that brings millions of people together. He also talks about the importance of vetting business partners, staying true to his goals no