Real estate is undoubtedly one of the most profitable and thriving industries out there

Especially if you are looking to achieve financial independence! It offers a wide variety of ways to invest actively and passively. If you are new to real estate investing and FI, and seek the proper guidance from experts, you are in the right place.

Welcome to Invest2FI, hosted by Craig Curelop and Ali Garced. In this series, we talk with real-life house hackers, real estate (and other!) investors and real people on a mission to become financially independent.

Invest2FI with Craig Curelop and Ali Garced
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Episode 177 – Readjusting Your Goals at Every Pivot Point with Ali Garced

Have you ever had to give up something you love for something else driving your life? In today’s bittersweet episode of the Invest2FI Podcast, we’re bidding farewell to our amazing co-host, Ali. Tune into to hear why Ali is leaving the podcast, what’s on deck for the future of her investments, her real estate team and family life. Before we let her go, join us for an insightful reflection on Ali’s journey over the past six years, highlighting key milestones...
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Episode 176 – Becoming Financially Free at 33 and Avoiding Lifestyle Creep with Dean Valentini

Join us for an inspiring session as we sit down with Dean Valentini, current Chief of Test for the US Air Force, serial entrepreneur, and real estate investor. In today’s episode, Dean shares his remarkable journey to financial freedom, which began in 2017 with his first “accidental” house hack in Fort Walton Beach, FL. Since then, he has leveraged the power of real estate to build a diverse portfolio in multiple house hacks and business acquisitions, all while balancing a...
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Episode 175 – Embracing Early Retirement and Traveling the World at 27 With James Lowery

Join us on this week’s episode as we delve into James Lowery's inspiring journey to financial independence! While working in a physical therapy clinic, James quickly realized that retiring at 62 sounded far from what an ideal life looked like. James and his wife Emily then embarked on a relentless real estate journey and built a real estate portfolio from one condo to nine units in their first year! Since then, the couple retired at 27 & 28, which allowed...
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Ali Garced Invest2FI

Ali Garced

Ali Garced separated from the Air Force a million at 31. While working full-time as a Special Agent with Top Secret/SCI clearance Ali began investing in real estate which accelerated her earnings to allow her to retire from her W-2. She and her wife have each used the VA loan twice and have been purchasing one property a year for the last four years.  Now Ali is a Military REALTOR® helping military members buy and sell their homes during their PCS while educating other military members the power of being a real estate agent and how they can earn uncapped income. 

Special Agent turned Real Estate Agent!

Craig Curelop

Craig Curelop went from a net worth of negative $30,000 to financially independent in just 2.5 years. Now, with his financial independence he has fun building a team of investor-friendly real estate agents at The FI Team, helping others achieve financial independence as he did. When he’s not slaying dragons with his newfound money mustache, he is rocking podcasts episodes, generating valuable content for FIRE learners everywhere, and living the biohacker good life in Colorado and Idaho with his wife. 

From College Student to Financially Independent in 2 years with Airbnb!


What our Listeners say


Two award winning hosts, rock star guests, and succinct actionable insights!
Q: When does 1+1 = 3, 4, or seemingly ∞?

A: When two award-winning rock stars co-host a discussion on achieving #FinancialFreedom!

As a #solopreneur and prior #podcast host, it was a sincere privilege for Craig Curelop & Zeona McIntyre to orchestrate a look back over my past decade as a passive investor, filled with dozens of succinct takeaways.

Dan Sheeks

Great stuff!
Craig and Zeona give great advice and ask great questions of their guests. One of the best new podcasts I’ve come across in a while. Highly recommend!”


The FI Team podcast kills it!
If you are interested in real estate investing, house hacking, short term rentals or reaching financial independence through real estate investing, this podcast is for you! Investing in real estate doesn’t have to be scary, and this podcast breaks it down step by step with new and experienced investors, in the least intimidating way. Start with your first house and buy a property every year with ease, and let this podcast inspire and teach you along the way. Thanks guys for all the hard work you’ve put into these shows!!”