Episode 104 – How Bigger Pockets And Money Makeover Kickstarted Megan Blythe’s Journey Into Real Estate

  Megan Blythe, a real estate investor, shares her path on how she pursued real estate investing after she listened to Bigger Pockets and read the book, The Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. Before COVID and the market went insane, Megan acquired her first property and redid the house, almost by herself, after her debt-to-income ratio increased. In this episode, Megan shares the rest of the story of how she progressed in her real estate […]

Episode 103 – The Do’s And Don’ts Of Real Estate Investing And Where It Is Headed With Dave Meyer

  Falling in love too soon can go both ways. And for real estate, it can make you miss details you should have noticed if you were not too caught up in the process. These are just a few of the lessons that new investors learn the hard way. And to save you from falling into the same trap, Housing Market Analyst and VP of Data & Analytics at BiggerPockets, Dave Meyer, shares the do’s and don’ts […]

Episode 102 – Anything Is Possible If You Take Action: A 20-Year Old Investor’s Real Estate Journey With Jabbar Adesada

Anything is possible as long as you take action. Jabbar Adesada was always the different kid in school, and he decided that he was going to fit in when he was rich. Now, he’s a full-time military and got $10,000 of passive income while only being 20 years old! He’s done short-term rentals and house-hacking and even has a deal in the Great Smoky Mountains. Join Craig Curelop and Zeona McIntyre as they talk to Jabbar […]